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Among all the grains available for our culinary pleasures, quinoa is probably my favorite. So you can imagine how enthusiastic I was to discover this little book: The Quintessential Quinoa Cookbook.

The book contains an introduction on quinoa (I learned that there were 1700 varieties of quinoa!) and plenty of recipes, for all occasions. You can check the author’s website here.

I wasn’t able to try all recipes yet – far from it! -, but I seized the occasion to try this tricolor quinoa I had seen at Trader Joe’s.

From the book, I tried a declination of this quinoa granola recipe.

I used almonds, sunflower seeds and cranberries. Every other morning, I added some chocolate chips for an extra yummy taste. The quinoa granola itself was a delicious way to start the day, especially with some soy milk. And ain’t it beautiful?

And to show you how beautiful this quinoa is, here’s a last minute, simple recipe with cooked quinoa:

Serves 2
– 1/2 cup uncooked quinoa
– 1 American cucumber
– Basil
– About 20 pecan nuts

1. Cook the quinoa as indicated on the package
2. Once cooked, let it cool completely
3. Use a vegetable peeler to get long yet thin slices of cucumber
4. Mix the quinoa, cucumber, basil and pecans together
5. Add your favorite salad dressing and enjoy!