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My mother and I have been sending each other parcels of goodies from one country to the other ;-)

I am not missing much from France (mostly my Mom… ok: and pralin ;-)) but there are some products that I can’t find here, like pralin (see?) or pralinoise dessert chocolate. Just like there were some American products that I could hardly find in France, like Reese’s or marshmallow cream (to stay within the range of comfort food!). Anyway, I received some goodies from France on Monday :-)

First: books! That’s because I only have a couple dozens in both French and English ;-) I am a bookaholic! Please forgive me for the mess behind what’s important: books!

Another thing I love: notebooks. I love to write and especially to use nice pencils and pens on nice notebooks to do so. Great source of inspiration. That’s probably the child in me.

Little silicone molds to make chocolates.

Stuff for the cats to drive them crazy ;-)

And… ah! Chocolate and candy!

I’ll have the occasion to share some recipes from the books, starting with Nutella. Oh yeah, it’s a hit in our home too.