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I always favor walking compared to taking the subway or the bus in big cities because that’s the only way to discover little treasures such as an incredibly small but original shop or an island of flowers in the middle of a busy neighborhood.

Below are pictures of the Jefferson Market Garden. It is located in the heart of Greenwich Village, at the corner of 6th Avenue and 10th Street. It is open all afternoons, except for Mondays, from April to October. It is a small island of peace and beautiful flowers, a great place to stop by to read or take a break.

Next to the garden is the Jefferson Market Library. They both take their name from a 19th century food market (which was named after President Thomas Jefferson). In the late 19th century, a courthouse was built in place of the market (the actual library is what is left of the courthouse) and later, in the early 20th century, a prison for women (that has now been replaced by the garden). You can find more information on the garden’s website, as well as on the website for the City of New York Parks & Recreation.

The garden is maintained thanks to charity and by a community of local residents and volunteers. Still on the garden’s website, you can find a seasonal bloom guide of the flowers which include Magnolias, Grape Hyacinths, Japanese Roses, Lilacs, Roses, Rhododendrons, among many others.

A beautiful garden, indeed!

Pictures were taken last week.