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First, please forgive me for luring you to this post with a picture:


One of the things I never miss to do when visiting another country is to go to a supermarket. It may sound weird to some, but I like to see the products that are eaten or used for cooking in different countries, which products we can find in several countries and, oh, yes! Try new food and products!
That is also why I’d rather eat local either abroad or when I’m out of town, in another city or region.

So the idea to do a product review on either French or American products came to mind. Or it could be a product bought in an ethnic food store (in which, you guessed it, I love to shop). Enables everyone to travel a little bit, to discover “new” products :-) Me to work on my food photography techniques :-) I hope you like it.

So here is my first choice, a product I received from France recently: Milka Tendres Moments – Moelleux chocolat.

Not your usual chocolate bar, this one doesn’t come as one single bar made of several equal chocolate pieces, but is packaged in two different small bags, to keep the chocolate fresh (also, it could stop you from eating the entire bar all at once – ahem). It is also very useful to bring with you only part of the bar when you’re on the go.

Each little bag comes with 6 pieces of chocolate.

The bar is made of milk chocolate that is not too sweet, a chocolate sponge cake topped with chocolate cream.

The chocolate cream isn’t too sweet either. The chocolate is of good quality so each piece is melting in your mouth leaving you to wish for another one ;-)

Sometimes when new “original” chocolate bars try to copy desserts or add uncommon ingredients, tastes are lost and you’re left with a feeling of disappointment. Not for this one which was surprisingly good.
On the other hand, I would not say it tasted like a moeulleux au chocolat.