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Sorry for the long absence… I am now back from Baltimore to NYC. I will be sharing a couple of pictures of Baltimore soon and also a special post will come to thank the fellow bloggers who awarded me some awards when I wasn’t here :-)

Just a quick post to share the two culinary experiences I had in Baltimore (unfortunately, I was on a campus most of the time, eating from the campus cafeteria and there is nothing you want me to share about that, trust me).

Since I had only half a day of free time, and I wanted to take advantage of it, I managed not to go to the food places I had chosen to visit on my little trip (to be honest, mostly bakeries). It was sunny but very hot, and I kind of ended up in one of the restaurants in probably the most touristic area of the city: the harbor.

I first decided to go to Phillips Seafood. Like I said close to the harbor, their menu seemed nice, with traditional (for what I could figure out!) dishes and not too expensive. It appears to be a “tourist place” from what I could read after going… well, so be it.

The interior of the restaurant was pretty nice, with a maritime theme. You can see some pictures here. The service was very good. My waitress was especially nice and smiling. And efficient.

I chose an appetizer and a dessert ;-)

I had crab cake-filled oysters covered with some melted cheese. This was a today’s special. Very nice, light yet filling.

And among the many desserts – presented all together on a tray – I chose the cake that I had never heard of before but that did look appetizing, the Berger Cookie Pie (quoted below is their menu):

flaky crust, Berger cookie pieces & creamy filling; double chocolate chip ice cream & whipped cream

The cake was very good and the size about good (more would probably have ruined the taste since it was very sweet). Still I was glad I only had an appetizer, although I wish I could have tasted their Crab Mac & Cheese!

The only other culinary experience I had doesn’t have much to do with Baltimore food. I had a breakfast at Lenny’s Delicatessen. Again, the place was located in the harbor.

It is kind of organized as a fast food cafeteria: you order, you pay… and then can pick a table and wait for your number to be called.

I had pancakes.

They were huge but not very fluffy. But that was fine after several days of faux cereals and granola and donuts for breakfast ;-)

That’s it for the food, I’m afraid. Yep, I agree, I have to plan another visit to explore more of it ;-)