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First I was away for a week and then two more weeks passed… is it just me or is there some kind of acceleration in time? Yes I know, this is probably just me these days.

While I was away from my blog, several fellow bloggers kindly nominated me for some awards:

What I really appreciate about these awards is two-fold.

From a blogger point of view, of course, it’s always nice to have someone basically tell you “hey, I read your blog, I like it and I want you and my readers to know.”

From a blog reader point of view, I love-love-love to check the nominated blogs, because if I like a blog and go visit it regularly enough, chances are that I would like this blog’s choices too. And it is such a nice way to make lovely discoveries!

So thank you all very very much for visiting my blog, commenting at times, liking some posts. Thanks to the above-mentioned bloggers for these awards. This is very much appreciated because I love visiting your blogs!

Since I had already received the Versatile Blogger Award, I will not go through the process again. But thank you to Cendriani, Choc Chip Uru, and Baking Bohemian. Don’t hesitate to visit their blogs if you haven’t already, you won’t regret it!

Now for all three other awards, I hope everyone will forgive me if I try to gain some precious time: since most awards kind of have the same rules of acceptance (thanking and linking back to the blog who nominated you, sharing stuff about yourself, and nominating between 5 and 15 blogs), I am going to bring them together. [If you want to follow the rules for each award, you can of course find them from the blogs that nominated me, links to posts at the beginning of this post)

Thank you to Nicole Ftacnik Photography, Go Bake Yourself, and Eat Sweet.

Here are 5 things about me and why I blog:
1. One recent obsessional hobby of mine is food photography
2. New York was my first ever American destination and remains, so far, my favorite city in the world
3. Second favorite city ever is Lugano, Switzerland, third is (no, not Paris) St-Germain en Laye, France
4. I’m definitely a (crazy?) cat person
5. I like writing a lot more than I like talking

Blogging makes me work on at least points 1, 2, 4, and 5 :-)

And here are the 10 bloggers I would like to nominate for all three awards:
Bam’s Kitchen
Words and Herbs
Myau Myau’s photo gallery
The Foodery
Serenity Spell
Koplona Cuisine
This Clever Camera

Happy visiting everyone and thanks again!

Now as promised in the title of this post, I wanted to share some pics of desserts we treat ourselves with on the Fourth of July. Since tomorrow is Bastille Day, and France’s colors are the same, just in a different order: blue, white, and red (bleu, blanc, rouge), maybe you can find some inspiration if you want to celebrate!

First some treats from a bakery not too far from where we live, that I hope to be able to talk about a little more soon. They make the most delicious cupcakes! This is 350° Classic Bakeshop in Rye, NY.

Below are sugar cookie stars followed by 2 vanilla cupcakes and 2 chocolate fudge peanut butter cupcakes

For dinner (yes, what you just saw was for the rest of the day ;-) I wanted to do something special myself and was inspired by this recipe of 4th of July Fresh Berry Trifles (and yes, that was the smallest star cookie cutter I had ;-).

They were very good and fresh!

Now I’ll tackle the translation into French… Have a nice weekend everyone!