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Those who know me a little bit, have been following my blog or only looked at my blog’s banner know that I am a cat person. I love cats. I even play the assistant to my cat and help him manage his own blog. Like I have a choice anyway ;-)

About two months ago, I learnt about 23 PAWS at The Foodery.

What is 23 PAWS? It is a way for pet lovers who have a blog to “party” online every 23rd of the month, by blogging about pets (their pets, their family’s or friends’ pets). Another reason to blog about your pet ;-) PAWS is also an acronym for “play.adore.wag.scratch.”
Check here to learn more.

I instantly loved the idea, of course and wanted to participate. Thank you to Eat-Pray-Tri for this furry cool idea! And thanks to The Foodery for letting me know of this blog and online event :-)

My husband and I moved from France to America with our three cats. Unfortunately, we recently lost one of them, Grouik. I intended to participate in 23 PAWS last month, but of course the timing turned out not good.

We have since then adopted a kitten, so we are back to three cats in the family. Our cats’ ages are 14 yr-old, 6 yr-old and almost 1 month-old. As a result, life at home these past two weeks has been furry, funny and busy :-)

Here is our “welcome home” video of the kitten interacting in her new home, and with the older cats, Milou and Texas.


If you cannot see the video on this blog, you can watch it here.