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Two months ago (already!) I was in Baltimore. So far I had only posted about food.

To be honest, I had no idea, neither did I expect I was about to find the city so charming. I had borrowed some books at the library before going, even though I only had one day of free time for visits, and was surprised it was nicknamed “Charm City.”

I know I know, this was only how I imagined the city of Baltimore. And I was plain wrong. But that gives you an idea of how I liked it. I actually expect to visit again, hopefully with more than one day to discover the city.

One day isn’t enough to visit Baltimore. Even more so if you hope to check the local restaurants, bakeries and other specialty food stores.
I mainly stayed around the inner harbor which was full of tourists, seemed very clean and secure. I was told, after returning, that parts of the city weren’t secure at all. I didn’t notice it though. Maybe I stayed in the “good” parts without knowing it?

On the other hand, as soon as I got a little further away from the inner harbor, I noticed many – many – offices or stores were empty and “for rent” or “for sale.”

On a completely different note, Baltimore has several bus lines that go to most places of interest in the city and are free of charge.


The waterfront is vibrant with plenty of restaurants and historical ships.

Here are a couple of restaurants:

Among the ships, I saw:

– – The USS Constellation

– – The General Frank S. Besson Jr.

– – The USS Torsk

– – Lightship 116 Chesapeake

– – USCGC Taney

And here are some more views from the harbor:

Next week, I will post some pictures of the Mount Vernon neighborhood, with the Washington Monument.