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I was recently nominated by La Grenobloise for the Capture the Colour Photo Contest. Thank you so very much for thinking of me!

What’s that you may ask? The last link above will lead you to the sponsor of the contest. Basically, you have until today, August 29, 2012, to:
1. Post a picture associated with each of the 5 colors below
2. Nominate 5 fellow bloggers for the contest
3. Let them know you have nominated them
4. Let the sponsor know that you are participating

I found the idea pretty good. It led me to check some of my travel pictures and to travel back to some wonderful places such as Lugano, Switzerland or Richmond, VA, USA.

Although I do not intend to enter the contest (one reason being that there are so many better photographers than I am), I so liked the idea of choosing a picture to represent a color, that I would like to share the following pictures. At the end of this post, you will still find my nominees, in case they are interested in entering the contest (follow the link above to complete all the different steps).

It is said to have the virtue to calm and help falling asleep…

St-Cyr sur Mer, South of France

Luino, Italy, close to the Swiss border

Richmond, VA, USA – Capitol Building

Lugano, Switzerland – Festa nazionale svizzera

Hope you enjoyed traveling with me :-)

Here are my nominees:
1. Nicole Ftacnik Photography
2. Au gré de mon regard
3. lyndamichele
4. Serenity Spell
5. Myau Myau’s photo gallery