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I am not a beauty product junky but I like to test new products and to find the best products with the right texture, the right smell, that give you that feel-good feeling once you’ve pampered yourself with them.

Ever heard of Birchbox?

I read about it several months ago and immediately liked the idea. Basically, for $10 a month (shipping included), you receive a box full of 4 to 6 new beauty product samples (sometimes they are much more than samples).

I love to sample beauty products before buying a possibly expensive full size beauty product, because you’re never really sure how your skin is going to react, if you’re going to like the smell six hours after applying the product, and so on. Plus the Birchbox is a fun way to discover new products. And I like to have the surprise of what I’ll receive each month!

My lovely husband offered me a one year subscription for my birthday, and I received my first box in early July. I’ve been willing to blog about it ever since and now that I received the email saying that my third box had shipped and would arrive soon, I thought it was high time! Here are some pictures of the first two boxes I received.

The July Box

For the following one, I have to admit that I had unwrapped the little green paper package and re-wrapped it to take the pic but was less gifted than the person who did it first…

The August Box

Hopefully, my pictures will give you an idea of how it is lovely prepared and sent (despite the lack of light, sorry). It’s always a pleasure to open the box and discover what’s inside so I am eagerly waiting the September Box.

Birchbox also sells beauty products online. You get free shipping on the products featured in the box during the month they are featured. Also, you can get points when you review the products or buy some, which gets you coupons to order on Birchbox. I haven’t ordered anything yet, but I plan to do so and I have noticed that prices are not higher than anywhere else so far.

So yes, I’m a fan :-) I encourage you to check their website for more information.

Is anyone receiving the Birchbox or anything similar? What do you think about it?

Disclaimer: these are my opinions only. I wrote this review for the only reason of sharing a product I love. Birchbox did not ask me to write it and I do not receive anything in exchange for it. I strongly believe that one should speak out when one is happy with a product or service. It is easy to complain about bad service or products; it is only fair to compliment good service or products :-)