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This is my second participation in 23 PAWS (you can check the first one here).

What is 23 PAWS? It is a way for pet lovers who have a blog to “party” (pawty?) online every 23rd of the month, by blogging about pets (their pets, their family’s or friends’ pets). Another reason to blog about your pet ;-) PAWS is also an acronym for “play.adore.wag.scratch.”
Check here to learn more.

Like any good, respectable cats, ours have been working hard all week as… nap substitutes for their humans who cannot nap during the week and don’t know how to nap during the weekend.

Since cats are nap masters, I want to share a couple of pictures of our cats hard at work nap.

If you feel like taking a nap by now, immediately run toward the bed! If you think you still need some more professional nap advice, you can follow this lesson on the virtues of napping on my cat’s blog.

Wishing you a happy 23 PAWS Sunday. Go check the original 23 PAWS post for links to all those pawticipating, er, I mean participating!