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We all have our bad days. Well, I guess. A little grumpy. A little sad. A little blue. Feeling a little down. You know how life can be like a roller coaster at times. Sometimes the weather is not helping either.

I “ran” into one of these days last week.

And then the sun shined again. Literally.

The day after posting pictures of “one of our last sunny days here,” New York was sunny again. Magnificent.

I love New York. I mentioned that detail already. There is so much energy in this city: there is always something going on, something to do, see, eat, watch, celebrate. When I close my eyes and think about New York City, I can hear the sounds, smell the odors (okay, good and bad) and feel the velocity of the city. “Next!” comes to mind ;-)

I am lucky because I live near New York City. It only took me a couple of minutes in sunny Manhattan to look around and feel the city penetrate me. And my spirits were up.

I associate the word serendipity with New York, because of the movie and the restaurant. Among other reasons.

Serendipity moment! When I came back home at the end of the day mentioned above, I was reminded by hubby that he had sent me a video a couple of days ago. I had not watched it yet. Oops. So I checked it.

I did not know this song by Garland Jeffreys, but it sure has become one of my favorites. I too love this roller coaster town :-)

Have a great week everyone!