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This past Saturday, I seized the occasion of being in the area of Central Park and Riverside Park to take a walk, enjoy the colors and take some pictures.

It seemed like many trees were only starting to take their Fall coloring while others already had vivid red or orange leaves. Hopefully, Hurricane Sandy, that is “scheduled” to bring its full force today on the shores of New York and New Jersey, won’t do too much damage.

Here are some pictures of Riverside Park and the area. I’ll post some of Central Park tomorrow. If I am not answering comments or commenting on your blogs, it might be because I lost either my Internet connection or electricity.

Stay safe everyone.

Riverside Park

This little guy couldn’t care less about Sandy. He was enjoying his nut of the moment, making sure I wasn’t going to try and steal it from him ;-)

This park had particularly beautiful yellows.

The park was also getting ready for Hurricane Sandy…

…which of course, didn’t stop the course of the falling leaves!

Some street views