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Remember my little gourds that decorated my deck, that I posted about here?

Do you see the little round one almost in the middle, with yellow and orange stripes? On the morning of Thanksgiving, I discovered it had disappeared!

Well, there were some pieces left by the hungry, we can only assume, squirrel who took the little gourd…

Of course, this made us more laugh than anything else! I did leave the other gourds though, thinking they had a good lunch already and since we were home they would not dare try to steal another one.

But then we left to visit a park in the afternoon, and came back just before sunset… only to find out that another gourd had disappeared. The little critter must have been either full or in a rush, because we found what was left of the gourd near a tree, close to the deck.

Now you may wonder why we think it was squirrels and not another animal. Well, because it is not their first mischief on our deck!

I still love these little creatures, though!