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Today is Saint Patrick’s Day! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to my Irish and American-of-Irish-descent readers!

Although I have lived about six months in Ireland, my only experiences with Saint Patrick’s Day were in New York City (surprisingly not ;-). Please forgive the trivial quality of what follows: Saint Patrick’s Day to me always meant missing on a certain “green cake.”

Let me explain.

Back in 2003, my mother and I were visiting New York City for a week. It was the week of Saint Patrick’s Day. We had enjoyed the NYC parade and I had noticed the special decorations everywhere, but in particular, a special green cupcake in the Grand Central Market at Zaro’s Bakery. Unfortunately, we did not buy it when we saw it and never returned before leaving NYC.

Yes, my dear readers: Grand Central Market remained in my mind the place of the missed opportunity to try a green cupcake, Saint Patrick’s Day in NYC forever linked to this missed occasion!

The past week, I went to the Grand Central Market and took a picture of Zaro’s window:

And of course, I tried to make some green cupcakes.

The cupcakes were delicious… without the green frosting :-/ I used this recipe for Vanilla Cupcakes (made with yogurt and quite some butter). But unfortunately, I chose the easy way for the frosting: I tried Duncan Hines’ Frosting Creations, more specifically, the Mint Chocolate Flavor Mix.

The frosting was indeed easy and quick to prepare. But I chose the only green I could find… and we are not big fans of the mint-chocolate flavor.

So I’ll have to wait a little longer to get to the perfect green cake ;-)

Below are some pictures of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, back in 2006.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!