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As mentioned in my post on Japan Week, I did buy some little things.

One thing that always fascinated me regarding Japan is the preciousness used to wrap and present food. And yes, I admit it, the cuteness of the lucky neko and other kitties.

There wasn’t too much food to buy at the exhibition but my attention was caught by kitties on pretty boxes.

This one contains yogurt-flavored candy individually packed in sushi-like wrapping (No, Texas, these are not real raw fish).

The following one contains nori chips. I chose the sesame flavor because this was the box I preferred but the yuzu-honey flavor was really really good (Yeah, nice kitty box over flavor – next time yuzu-honey).

The lucky Neko was sold by Azuma Foods and the nori chips by Yamamoto Noriten.

Additionally, from Azuma Foods I bought a little grocery bag that you can fold in a little red octopus to keep in your handbag.

One day, I hope I can learn Japanese and travel to Japan. Not just for the kitties ;-)