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Yesterday, we decided to go out and try our luck at one of the several parks in Westchester County. The sun was shining most of the day, and I am yearning so badly to see some spring flowers (enough with the snow!). Since I had seen some crocus here and there, I was hoping that maybe – maybe – I could see some signs of spring coming (did I say “enough with the snow!” already?).

I chose Cranberry Lake Preserve, near the Kensico Reservoir, mostly because of the name :-) No cranberry involved though!

Well, we saw no flower, unfortunately. What we found looked more like a winter landscape. As you will see, Sandy, and probably Irene too, visited the preserve and left a mess behind.

[you can click on pictures to get a bigger size]

We did see some interesting signs of life though, like this spider…

Sorry for the bad composition. The spider was next to the floor and I had no intention to crawl on the floor to take the picture – being a little arachnophobe… Does anyone know the name of this spider? It’s not evident on the pictures but she was doing a nice job almost camouflaging herself on this dead tree branch.

We also saw this mushroom that looked a bit like a shellfish to me :-)

In the not-alive department, we were impressed by this huge, dead vine, hanging above the ground:

The most interesting part was a little pond full of… frogs. Very noisy frogs. I put up a little video at the end of the post for you to see and hear them up, close, and personal (almost).

Here’s the video. If you are patient, you’ll be able to see a close-up on one of the little frogs.

[If you cannot see the video on this blog, click here]