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It’s amazing how many blog posts I read lately about people from all over the north hemisphere complaining about winter and snow still being here and there, despite the fact that this is spring.

Hello! This is spring. Yes, really. Well no, not really.

I complain too. I think we need the light, the singing birds, the burgeoning trees, the blooming flowers, the fruits…

This is a really simple salad. I love mache. Or lamb’s lettuce. A popular way to eat it in France is with red beets and walnuts.

But I like to experiment and change from time to time. So as a twist, I used golden beets, and Crottin goat cheese (the natural one, from Trader Joe’s 3 pack).

I made a simple vinaigrette to go with it: olive oil, lemon, a little garlic and red pepper flakes.

It was tasty and it looked fresh. Almost like spring ;-)

Here’s some spring for you my dear readers:

Dandelions in my kitchen.

Yes. That IS my transition with the award :-) I know I am really late in acknowledging and transmitting awards, but I’ll start with the most recent anyway (I promise, others will come).

I was nominated by Carole at Charonbelli’s. Her blog is in French and she talks about fashion, make-up, food, travel. I like that she deals about all of this with humor and originality. Thanks for nominating the French version of this blog!
The award was originally created by another blog that I like, Flavie‘s blog.

Here is the rule: use the award pic above, thank the blog that nominated you for this award by linking to it, and answer the following prompts.

1. If you were…

– If you were an animal, you would be…? A cat (obviously!)

– If you were a dessert, you would be…? Now that’s difficult. I’d have to say a chocolate éclair.

– If you were a city, you would be…? I know it might come as a surprise, but I have to say… New York City :-)

– If you were a song, you would be…? Again, it’s difficult to choose just one. I would say Uprising by Muse

– If you were a movie, you would be…? Can I pick a TV series instead? That would let me choose Friends :-)

– If you were a piece of fashion, you would be…? Shoes!!

– If you were a plant, you would be…? A violet.

2. The nominated blog must nominate 7 other blogs, give their name and web address and describe them with an adjective.

Fiammisday: Fashionably cute – A blog about children fashion. Cute, adorable, classy.

For The Love of Nike: Nike-y – If you like Nike shoes, you must visit this blog.

MichellesWordpressYay: Artistic – A New Yorker with an artistic touch.

Conceptualist Hic: Bright – Beauty tips and encounters in Paris, recipes, the bright side of life.

Grenobloise: Grenobloise ;-) – An American artist in Grenoble.

Le Blog des Surprises: Surprising – Recipes, kneading, and other projects.

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3. Finally, link to a blog that has nothing to do with fashion, beauty or shopping…

Chokadelika – Plenty of recipes and great health, cooking – and much more – advice.

Those blogs are either written in English or French. I invite you to click on their links to discover them :-)
Now I know not everyone is doing the award thing on the blogosphere. I completely understand. Don’t feel forced to accept it :-)