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I’ve wanted to review this place for the longest time. In fact, I have eaten there several times – I love the place. But for some reason, this review was always pushed back.

The other day I was mentioning it to Daisy of coolcookstyle, and I decided it was high time.

In the heart of Tribeca, the place is rather small but very welcoming. The staff is professional and extremely polite. There are tables in the back, next to which you can see part of the kitchen with cooks working.

That’s after you’ve gone through the choice of food. On your right: salads, soups, sandwiches, buns, Japanese-inspired, or not…

On your left are pastries: danishes, matcha croissants, miso-almond cookies…

Beyond the cashier, and before you reach the tables: macarons, including matcha macarons, matcha crepes (a specialty of the bakery), or more traditional desserts…

Prices are not inexpensive and portions are rather small, but as far as I am concerned, the quality and originality of the delicacies were worth it.

My favorite treats are definitely the sweet ones (but I have a sweet tooth too), especially the Green Tea Koshi An Croissant and the Almond-Miso Cookie (which I tried to bake at home, unsuccessfully). The Matcha Crepe was original and yummy but a little too big to my taste. But it is good to share!

In conclusion, I highly recommend the place to everyone I know :-)

Takahachi Bakery
25 Murray St
(Between Church St & Broadway)
New York, NY 10007
Tel: (212) 791-5550

[move your mouse over the pictures for the name of the treats; click on any picture to open the slideshow]

And as mentioned on the box, unfortunately, this little guy below wasn’t for sale!