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Did you have enough chocolate the past weekend? I know, one can never have enough chocolate.

That’s why I am bringing you this post not too long after Easter ;-)

Last Friday, we went to visit a place I have been longing to visit for a some time. We went to “the sweetest place on earth.”

We went to Hershey, PA, where Hershey chocolate is made. The entire town is built and living around the brand and the chocolate. But I’ll post about this later.

Today, I concentrate on the Chocolate Lab. What is the Chocolate Lab? It is a laboratory inside the Hersey Story Museum, when you can experiment making chocolate products.

There are different experiences to try and we chose the “Build a Bar” program. It’s a 45-minute experience in which you build your own chocolate bar.

The 45 minutes are divided into 3 parts. The first one is for a little history on Milton S. Hershey. The second one is the building of the bar itself.

You get a little mold to build your bar.

Then comes the chocolate. You can lick the spoon at the end if you want ;-)

After pouring some chocolate into the mold, you add the ingredients you want to put in your bar. I added mini marshmallows, and cute sugar flowers.

Then you add some more chocolate.

My husband put white chocolate chips and rice krispies, with some chocolate nibs in his.

While the bars are put in a fridge to solidify, we learn a little about chocolate.
Did you know that a cacao pod is a fruit, and it contains just enough beans to make a 5-oz Hershey chocolate bar?

Then comes the time to go: chocolate bars are ready… Look at this! But no eating just yet. We wrap them to take home.


We thanked our lovely hosts and said goodbye.

We savored the bars at home. They were VERY good. And I’m sure all the fun making them added to the taste!

Hershey is a very interesting place to visit and I’ll post more later about it. If you have the occasion to visit, it’s plenty of fun guaranteed!