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When I posted the first burger joint review for Five Guys some time ago, Pam who blogs at Pa-BLAM! and Omnomalicious left a comment asking if I had tried SmashBurger. I had not, but my husband and I quickly found one in our area to try it.

SmashBurger, Books Cupcakes Cats, NYC, Burgers

Although my husband still prefers Five Guys, I prefer SmashBurger. What’s different with SmashBurger?

Why? Our handcrafted burgers are smashed, seared and seasoned to order, using our fresh, premium beef. Whether you choose our Classic Smashburger or decide to create-your-own, we deliver a great-tasting, juicy burger you can taste in every bite.

SmashBurger, Books Cupcakes Cats, NYC, Burgers

Why do I like them better? Although you can make your own burger by choosing the toppings at Five Guys, SmashBurger has more options (like the avocado burger). You can also choose chicken instead of beef. The fries portions are generous but reasonable and there is also the option of sweet potato fries! Finally, the smashing of the beef makes the meat tender and juicy.

You order at the counter, then go sit down: they bring you your order at your table. Burgers are made to order so are always fresh.

– The avocado club option (for us avocado lovers), and more options in general
– The smashing of the meat
– Ingredients are tasty
– Sweet potato fries
– The option to choose chicken

– It is (also) a bit expensive. The pics below are from different times we went there, but 2 burgers, 2 sodas and 2 fries will average about $22.

The quality is worth the price in my opinion, though.