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Here is the long-overdue end of our visit to Orchard Beach and Pelham Bay Park.

We encountered some animals too, not always alive :-/

The first pictures are of (dead) horseshoe crabs. I had no idea what it was until I spotted one in one beach around where we live and hubby got all excited about it ;-) Fossils of these strange animals were found dating back to 450 million years ago! Also, their blood is a beautiful blue and is used to detect bacteria and impurities in pharmaceutical drugs!

There were some seagulls (alive!) and the skeleton of a creature we were not able to identify (it pretty much looked like the skeleton of a goa’uld to me!).

Finally, we met a cute little family of swans: Mom and Pop Swan and their cygnets. Adorable! Needless to say, one of the swans (the mother?) was paying close attention to what we were doing.

Finally, a short video (mostly so you can see the Swan family):