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I initially wanted to post about these delicious jams from Beary Good Stuff today.

But you will have to wait until Monday, which is – cough – as well – cough – since Monday is Canada Day and these yummy jams are from Canada.

It was someone’s birthday last Thursday, and that someone received – among other things – gorgeous flowers from her husband that I wanted to share (the flowers, not the husband).

Aren’t they beautiful?

Even Mademoiselle Kitshka was impressed.

Okay, not really.

Yesterday I had a craving for shoes. Yeah you read this right. I love shoes. Cats, books, chocolate, avocado, and shoes. I’m weird like that :-)
Since I had a coupon at DSW for my birthday, I decided to go choose my birthday gift from my Mom in the form of one pair of shoes.

I came back with two pairs.

I think I ‘m in love.

As much as I love (macro) food photography, I think I just found a new passion: (macro) shoes photography!

Wishing everyone a nice weekend!