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It is not the first time that I see this guy in Union Square. Union Square seems to be the place to lure people that are a little more original than average, like Saint-Michel in Paris was when I was a student (I have vivid memories of the toothless bum who was trying to hug and kiss young female – of course ! – students…).

When I chose to post this picture taken yesterday, memories of my childhood came back almost immediately: Annie Cordy‘s Tata Yoyo (Auntie Yoyo)! The song was released in the eighties, and you can find it here !

Books Cupcakes and Cats Chasing Chipmunks; Union Square; Manhattan; NYC

Here is a partial translation of the lyrics:

Tata Yoyo, what is there under your hat?
Tata Yoyo, in my head there are lots of birds
Tata Yoyo, I was told there’s even a bell
But I like it when it does ding ding di gue ding
Like a samba

I have my boa
My old hat
My floral dress
And my cigarette butt
My beach umbrella
And my fake eyelashes
And a compass
On my belly button
Brazilians nicknamed me the crazy lady of Rio
But kids give me a name that’s funnier…