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Hello everyone!

After waiting for about 15 days to get our Internet connection, it has been working fine for about a week. Phew! So I am back :-) There may still be some days without posting and visiting but I’ll try my best.

As you can see if you are reading this on the blog and not from your email, I have changed the presentation of the blog just a little bit: added a new banner with new pictures, changed the background color of the blog and the “subtitle.” I’ve decided to broaden the scope a little bit, hence the “Paris – New York – Austin.”

I am not entirely satisfied with the new presentation, and I might change the entire theme at one point, so there might be more changes to come.

[Roll over the pictures to see where they were taken, and click on any to enlarge]

I posted some pics of our trip on Instagram. There are not many for a simple reason: with three cats with you in the cabin of the truck, you stop only when necessary and you can’t really play the tourist :-/

And this is a nice transition to remind you all the different social media on which you can follow me, starting with my brand new Instagram account!


All the people we have met here are very friendly. The weather has been gorgeous and although always around 100 Fahrenheit degrees (37-38 Celsius degrees), it is not too humid (well, at least less so than in New York).

We received two lovely gifts from a friend in Dallas, as a “Welcome to Texas.” Chocolate-covered, fresh strawberries and apples: a delicious treats after having to open dozens of cardboard boxes!

The second gift was an equally delicious “small” smoked brisket that lasted for several days.

Thank you so much to our friend for these lovely welcome gifts!

Then, the past week, we received other friends, from Dallas too. We had the occasion to visit the area a bit and enjoy some local wine. Apparently, the Hill Country is called the Napa Valley of Texas. Count on us to try the wines ;-)

As for the kitties, I think they are doing fine :-)

This was for the news. More on Texas (the State) to come. In the meantime, I wish everyone a great Sunday!