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I don’t know you but I have a gazillion interests in life. Okay maybe not a gazillion, but a LOT. Certainly more than I can handle. I am the kind of person that will never get bored, except if stuck somewhere, without being able to venture around, and without anything to do but wait, in which case I get mad (if you wonder when this happened to me, I would have to say a gazillion times in the Parisian public transportation system – no comment).

In consequence, like every time I have a choice of options (for food, clothes, activity, color, whatever), I have to make a choice of what I will do next, what will be of most value to me and my goals: going out to take pictures of flowers, playing with my cats, reading a book, reading my favorite blogs, discovering the area, helping my cat blog, cupcake or cookie… you get the idea. And I’m talking free time here. On top of my hobbies, I do have to work, and to work I like.

I have a lot of subjects I want to share with you so I do not lack inspiration or ideas. I also love to write and want to write more, but I am currently looking for a job, and this is priority number 1.

I have also (re)started an activity I wanted to pursue for a long time: I am learning Japanese. (I talked about this before)

I realized that it was 20 years ago when I first tried and started learning Japanese, in high school. 20 years! I am not getting any younger. That is a language I really want to learn so no more postponing!

I also have another blog, which is more popular than this one…

Well actually I have a very busy cat – cough – so I type his blog posts while he is, er, busy.

I have lots of fun with it. So it is staying on my schedule.

So we have:
1) Looking for a job – and finding one!
2) Writing more
3) Learning Japanese
4) Cat blogging

And so it brings us to this blog. It is here to stay. I want to keep on sharing with you my vision of America as a Parisian Americanophile. Due to my schedule though, and from now on, I plan to post every other day, instead of every day (which I used to do at the beginning and always strove for). I might break this rule from time to time, if I have an interesting picture to share that does not require anything other than posting it.

I know most of us would like to have more time, so thank you if you’ve read this far! (Yes I did try to keep your attention with pictures :-)

One last thing, regarding Japanese: as a safeguard against procrastination (which can happen when you learn a language by yourself, which I do), you are my witness that in six months, I want to be able to decipher a simple recipe in the following book, which I bought second-hand the other day. I know it’s not a traditional Japanese cookbook, but it’s in Japanese and it was $5! We’ll see in one year for a more serious book.

I don’t know if it is realistic or not, judging by the number of Kanji, but I think it is possible if I work hard, and with the help of a dictionary, maybe. 6 months will bring us to March 2014, when I should be able to post a recipe from this book :-)

Have a great end of the week! I will see you in two days now!