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I think what I have seen more on menus in Texas in the nearly two months we’ve been here is BBQ, bacon, and deep-fried anything. Now, I’ll get back to the deep-fried fury later (I’ve only tried deep-fried ice cream and so far, I am not really impressed). Today, I want to feature two restaurants I have eaten at and that are all about bacon.

The first one is the Bacon Restaurant in Austin. Actually the name of the restaurant is just “Bacon.”

The Bacon restaurant - Austin, TX | Books, Cupcakes, and Cats Chasing Chipmunks

The decoration is simple but delightful, with plenty of funny, bacon and southern cuisine related posters. The service was quick and friendly.
We shared the “Texas Lil’ Smokies” (“Fried Black Angus beef frank stuffed with jalapenos and bleu cheese wrapped in bacon”). Hot and very good. Good start. Then I had the “Best BLT” (which really was the best I had so far) with kettle chips, and hubby got the “Bacon Reuben,” which he said was good.
They make bacon waffles if anyone is interested in breakfast there :-)

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About three weeks later, we decided to try the Briarcliff Bistro & Bacon Bar, in Spicewood, TX, outside of Austin. I wanted to try it before starting a diet (well, yes, trying all you can before you leave NYC + bacon and bacon, and bacon, and deep-fried ice cream, don’t go too well with a slim body I’m afraid :-/).

riarcliff Bistro & Bacon Bar - Spicewood, TX | Books, Cupcakes, and Cats Chasing Chipmunks

The atmosphere is relaxed although the restaurant looked more like a classy, dress-accordingly kind of restaurant. The waiter was extremely polite and friendly but the service wasn’t exactly quick. Granted, there was a large table of people celebrating something, but still.
I can’t find the menu online so I am not sure of the name of each dish, sorry. We shared stuffed jalapenos with pineapple, wrapped in bacon. They were good but lacked the hot factor we liked in the ones above.
I had the infamous BLT with 10 – yes TEN – slices of bacon in it (see why the diet?). Excellent BLT! My husband had the CuBBBBano Sandwich (pulled pork, cheese, pickles).
And then, in the dessert list, there was this bacon cheesecake. I had to try the bacon cheesecake. “Are you sure?” asked my husband. “Oh Come On!” I answered, “they must have put a slice of bacon on a regular cheesecake, that’s all.”
Nope. The cheesecake was made with little, crispy pieces of bacon inside. The first bites seemed to me to be original in the mouth. Why not? But to be honest, past the first bites, it became strange and although I finished it, I am not too big a fan. But that might just be me! Plus my Mom always says that trying new ingredients makes you gain 10 years in your life (boy, am I gonna live old!), and this must count as new ingredient, right?

We really liked both restaurants but our preference goes to the first one. One thing’s for sure: they know how to cook bacon here!

I apologize for the poor quality of pictures: I use my iPhone in restaurants because I don’t feel at ease with using anything bigger in a restaurant full of people. Plus my husband always rolls his eyes when I say “wait, I have to take a picture!”. Well you’re a food blogger or you’re not! (which I am not exactly, but I had to link to this funny post that I found at the time it was published but never shared, and with which my husband can totally see the resemblance with me – – check #9, 10 & 11 for this post)

Bacon Restaurant
900 W 10th St
Austin, TX 78703
(512) 322-9777

Briarcliff Bistro & Bacon Bar
108 Pace Bend Rd S
Spicewood, Texas 78669
(512) 264-0029