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I know some of my readers have and love cats. Some of you following me long enough may also know I am close to being a crazy cat lady since I am the typist for my cat Texas… he has his own blog.

Until tomorrow, Sunday, November 24, you can enter to win one of two Shelter Cat Dolls on his blog.

Dream Pillow Shelter Cat Dolls | Books, Cupcakes, and Cats Chasing Chipmunks

Shelter Cat Dolls are one of the many products that are made by NYC small business Dream Pillow. Their products are mainly for humans (except for some catnip sticks) and are filled with lavender and other herbs and smell really really good. Shelter Cat Dolls are for humans too. They feature the face of a sheter/rescue kitty and part of the proceeds are donated to a rescue organization in NYC. Don’t hesitate to visit my cat’s blog to learn more, and to enter if you wish. You can click on the picture above to go to the post I am talking about.

Hope you have a happy feline weekend ;-)