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That’s it. I just finished the great job experience that I started 6 months ago in Austin. Like the legislative session (yes, the comparison is chosen on purpose) (no, I did not work for the government), it started slowly, increasing in intensity in the last three months, and the last 4 weeks especially, leaving the great team I worked with with nights without sleep but never defeated. What a great time I had!

Texas State Capitol - Austin, TX | Books, Cupcakes, and Cats Chasing Chipmunks

Of course, as I’m sure you have noticed – or not! – that left little time for this blog. Again.

And then in no time, just like that, I’ll be heading back to Washington, DC, with all the joys and drawbacks that it implies. I’ll miss my husband and my kitties. I’ll miss Texas. But the experience will be interesting and hopefully will lead me back here.

Washington Monument - Washington, DC | Books, Cupcakes, and Cats Chasing Chipmunks

In other news, Texas has been under severe weather lately, although not as harsh in Austin as in other places in Texas. Austin was mostly under flash floods that created great mess, but also brought some much needed water in a drought-stricken Texas. Here is what Lake Travis looked like before and after.

Lake Travis in 2014 & 2015 - Texas | Books, Cupcakes, and Cats Chasing Chipmunks

Finally, the sun is back though, granting me some time to enjoy this great state before I leave for a while.

Field - Austin, TX | Books, Cupcakes, and Cats Chasing Chipmunks

Sometimes following your passion implies making choices, choices that are not always easy, but the ultimate goal is the happiness of everyone involved. Let’s see if we can reach this happiness.