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First things first: I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

Now let’s concentrate on Sous-Chef: 24 Hours On The Line by Michael Gibney.

Sous-Chef: 24 Hours On The Line

They instictively move about one another in the narrowest corners without even the subtlest brushing of hips. There are no burns or cuts, no pans dropped, no spills or messes made. Its practitioners call this performance ‘the dance’.

I have to start by saying that I was pleasantly surprised by how I enjoyed reading Gibney’s book. I expected to like it – or I wouldn’t have entered the giveaway for the book, but I enjoyed it more expected.

Gibney takes us with him for one day in his life as a sous-chef. He shows us through his very good writing every minute of the day of a sous-chef on a busy Friday with a restaurant expected to accommodate 300 guests in just a few hours.

From the moment he enters the restaurant to get everything ready to the following morning, we witness all the meticulous and essential steps that are taken by him, the head chef, the other sous-chef, the cooks, the waiters, and all the staff so that clients can enjoy a perfect evening at the restaurant. We also get a taste of what a busy life his is.

As the rhythm accelerates during the evening to accommodate an increasing number of guests, as well as food critics and journalists, we witness “the dance” and what it takes to perform it.

Anyone interested in professional cooking, being a cook or chef, or simply people who enjoy going out for dinner, should enjoy this book. It is extremely interesting to learn how the meals we order come to life in the kitchen, and what it takes to work as a sous-chef. This read is quick, simple, but well-written, original, and authentic.