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So, yes, I did not finish the 2016 Christmas Advent calendar. My apologies to all my dear readers.

Kitshka sleeping, Whiskey hiding | Books, Cupcakes, and Cats Chasing Chipmunks

This is not that I did not want to at first. In fact, I have several places that I had already photographed to post about. But life at the time decided that I had other things to worry about. Remember, 2016. Yep. I really don’t want to spend time whining here about everything that happened and I’ve decided to go back to blogging, which I miss and which enables me to share beautiful parts of my life in America.

Mural on 5th Street - Austin, TX - June 7, 2016 | Books, Cucpakes, and Cats Chasing Chipmunks

Just a few things I learned (or re-learned):

  • Sh*t does come in massive loads when it comes (also more politely known as Murphy’s law)
  • You can control your reaction to what is happening around you and to you (no, I’m not saying that it is easy)
  • Friends and family are here to support you. Furry friends too ;-)
  • It does stop at one point, one way or the other

End of Storm im Sight - Austin, TX | Books, Cucpakes, and Cats Chasing Chipmunks

With that being said, let’s go back to blogging, the great state of Texas, and the weird city of Austin.

Halo over Frost Bank Tower in Austin, TX | Books, Cucpakes, and Cats Chasing Chipmunks