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Last Thursday, March 2, marked the 181st birthday of Texas. On March 2, 1836, Texas became a republic:

On March 1 delegates from the seventeen Mexican municipalities of Texas and the settlement of Pecan Point met at Washington-on-the-Brazos to consider independence from Mexico. George C. Childress presented a resolution calling for independence, and the chairman of the convention appointed Childress to head a committee of five to draft a declaration of independence. In the early morning hours of March 2, the convention voted unanimously to accept the resolution. After fifty-eight members signed the document, Texas became the Republic of Texas. The change remained to be demonstrated to Mexico.

The day was a gorgeous day. It started on my way to work with a gorgeous sunrise—one of the several reasons why I like leaving for work early, the other two being beating traffic and being more productive.

Sunrise in central Texas | Books, Cupcakes, and Cats Chasing Chipmunks

I also had to be in Austin early that day because I was attending a House committee hearing. The Texas Legislature is in session this year and it makes traffic downtown, both by car and on foot quite chaotic some days.

A funny thing happened on my way to Austin. I was on Enfied Rd, getting closer to 15th St, and I was trying to find a radio station that played music (and not a radio host babbling about the latest People Mag survey or any other subject with little importance). Then I heard the first notes of a familiar song… yet my brain needed a second to process the information: I was driving to work in Austin, Texas, USA, and, yes, this was Sylvie Vartan’s “La plus belle pour aller danser” that was playing on the radio as I arrived on top of the hill with the gorgeous view to the Texas Capitol which is the corner of Enfield Rd and 15th St.

To file in #KeepAustinWeird

The day was a beautiful one and went its course with people wishing themselves a Happy Texas Independence Day. Texans are very proud of their heritage and their state, and for good reason.

I went home in the evening and stopped for some barbecue at my favorite BBQ joint, It’s All Good BBQ. I also had the pleasure of witnessing the sun setting on the 181st birthday of the Lone Star State the only way it could set in the great state of Texas, with grandeur and a bit of drama.

It's All Good Bar-B-Q - Spicewood, TX | Books, Cupcakes, and Cats Chasing Chipmunks

Sunset on central Texas | Books, Cupcakes, and Cats Chasing Chipmunks

Sunset on central Texas, on Texas Independence Day – March 2, 2017

Did I mention I love living in Lone Star State? Happy belated birthday, Texas!